My Online Courses

This is the hope for one day.

This doesn't exist yet... except in my dreams.

There is a lot to build on this site, but this is where I am going eventually.

You have to start somewhere. I dream of a day when I will have such courses as:

Christianity 101: Doing Life with God

  • Know who you are in Christ
  • How to Study Your Bible (SOAP, Inductive, etc)
  • How to Pray
  • How to Share your Faith
  • Memorizing Scripture
  • Silence and Solitude
  • How to be a Man of God, Woman of God
  • How to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

Christianity 201: Doing Life with People

  • How to Develop Personal Values
  • Exist in community
  • Introverts in community
  • Marriage: Mutual Submission
  • Sharing through serving

Christianity 301: Apologetics

  • Understanding life through a Biblical Worldview
  • How to know what you believe
  • How to defend what you believe
  • How to speak with grace and truth
  • How to share your story
  • How to engage in healthy conflict

Christianity 401: Long Term Hope

  • How to become a lifelong follower of Jesus
  • How to raise the next generation of Christ-followers
  • How to develop a "Rule of Life"
  • How to die with honor