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Resources For Seekers

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When you are seeking to know about Jesus and the claims of Christianity, English speakers have a glut of information. This is both good and bad because it is difficult to know where to begin. Because of this, we are going to start as simply as possible. There is so much more, but this is a start.

Faith and Facts

Let's start with a quick word about the "need to know." There's a logical fallacy asserted by many Christians who say you do not need to know anything. Just have faith. That is not compatible with most people. We live in the google generation. People want to know what they believe and this is a good thing. Don't be afraid to search deeply. However, always follow the truth and not your opinion and definitely not culture. Also, you need to know that at some point faith becomes necessary. You can know something but it doesn't change your life until you place your faith in it. It is the difference between knowing a chair exists and then placing your faith in that chair by sitting down. At some point, having knowledge of who Christ is has to go from your head to your allegiance.

Read the Bible

The Bible can be a scary thing for someone who is just getting started. Many people tell me they don't read it because they don't understand it. I get it. I know all about those places in the Bible and I am also learning more every day. However, instead of "throwing the baby out with the bath water," start with what you can. Start reading the Bible with our church every morning. You might be surprised at what you find. Don't worry about the parts you don't understand at this point. Focus on what you do. Click here to view our daily Bible reading plan.

Foundations Class

Our church hosts a weekly class called Foundations. It is all about establishing a solid foundation for the Christian life. If you are not a Christian, this class will be perfect for you. Come see what living for Jesus looks like. If you attend a different church, ask someone this Sunday what they offer that is similar. Here is a link to learn more about Foundations.

Learn about Salvation

Here is an article I recently wrote concerning the idea of what salvation is and what it means to be saved. What is Salvation?

An Overall Idea of Christianity

Below are some resources to get you started on knowing what Christianity is all about.

Book: Mere Christianity. This book was written by CS Lewis. He was also the author of the Chronicles of Narnia series. He is considered one of the greatest Christian thinkers of the last 200 years. He was a 1930-1940s Englishmen and you’ll see that when you check out the links below. However, this is an excellent resource. Pretty much everything Lewis wrote is golden.

Book: More than a Carpenter- This is written by Sean McDowell. He is a great Christian Apologist (defender of the faith). He is one of those who started investigating Christianity to disprove it and could not deny the evidence. Highly recommended and the shortest book on this list. Praise the Lord. Lol.

Book and Ministry: Cold Case Christianity- This book and ministry are by one of my favorite people in this field right now, J. Warner Wallace. Below you’ll see various resources such as his website, his books, and a video of his testimony. He has helped me a lot. The website is good because it covers A LOT of various topics and helps us find answers to random questions.

Ministry: CrossExamined- This is the ministry of a guy named Frank Turek. He is also fantastic. You’ll find great resources below, but my favorite is his YouTube channel. He goes all over the country speaking at various universities. My favorite part is the Q&A at the end and listening to how people process things.

Now What?

There are two more things that can be of great benefit to you.

  1. Prayer. God wants to reveal Himself to you more than you realize. As you start your journey into knowing more about Christianity, realize that God wants you to find Him. So, take a second to pray and ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you as you search. You will find Him. He's waiting for you.
  2. Get Connected. Don't try to do this alone. Get connected to a local church. Start attending on Sundays. If they have LifeGroups, join one. Get around God's people and start doing life with them. We were made to be in a community with one another.

I can't wait to hear about what God does in your life.

Want to learn even more? Check out my page on Apologetics aka- defending the faith.