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Letters to RLC: Passionate Pig Farmer and My Daughter 🐷

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The Passionate Pig Farmer and My Daughter

This week I met with an amazing lady who told me about her husband. She said her husband worked as a pig former for almost 30 years... and loved it. The only reason he quit was because the company moved. I couldn’t help but wonder why someone would be passionate about pigs. 🐷

Nowadays, most people pick a job because they are passionate about it and want to indulge their most recent curiosity.
I asked this lady if her husband had always loved pigs. No.
I asked if he had a general love for herding animals. No.
I asked if he liked farming in general. Not really.
Then, what is it?
Why did this guy love pig farming?
She said he first got into farming because it was the best place he could make money and support his family. His passion wasn’t the job. The passion was supporting his family. While supporting his family with the opportunity in front of him, he came to love what he did. It was the “why” and not the “what” that sustained him. That’s awesome.

I went home and told my youngest daughter this story. She is at that stage in life where she tells me something different she wants to do when she “grows up.” The most recent is an FBI agent or a teacher... or a pastor... et. She is now praying that God doesn’t open a door to any pig farming company nearby.

I’ve been thinking. They say the average American in this generation will change careers 5 times during their lifetime. Not just their job, their career. I wonder why? I wonder if it is because we keep chasing our passion instead of taking the opportunity in front of us and getting good at it. My grandparents generation did not expect their job to fulfill them. It was simply to fulfill the need of providing for their family. It was their family that was their passion. Now, don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with starting a business or pursuing something. I just think we should panic less about feeling completely fulfilled at all times. There is more to life than this

Perhaps if we found our hope and joy in the things that money cannot buy, we would not be so focused on pursuing the things that money can.