A Turtle 🐢 on a Fence Post
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A Turtle 🐢 on a Fence Post

Ever heard the phrase, “like a turtle on a fencepost?”

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Like a turtle on a fence post?” I have a precious friend who once told me her life was like a turtle on a fence post. She said, “You take one look and realize that turtle didn’t get there by itself. Someone put that turtle where it is.” She said that is her testimony. When she sees what has happened in her life and where she is… only Jesus can explain it. She has no business being so blessed.
Isn’t that our story, too?
Think about it. Has life been perfect? Nope. Have there been many challenges, setbacks, and disappointments? Yep. Have there been things you wish were different? Absolutely. But, even with all that, God has still been so good to you. You have more to be thankful for than you realize.
If nothing else, your heart is beating. If you don’t think that is a big deal, try missing a few of them.
When you think of all that has happened in our lives, mistakes we have made, bad things we have done or have been done to us, and different influences… we are still so blessed. The only way to describe our lives is… God has been good to us.
We are like a turtle on a fence post. Someone put us there. That someone is Jesus. Praise the Lord.