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Dec 08
How to Exasperate Your Wife (And Other Short Essays) - Douglas Wilson
Dec 02
Pop, Soda, Coke (Taxonomy)
Dec 01
Letters to RLC: Brutally Honest Holidays
Nov 29
A Hill To Die On: The Bible is Divinely Inspired Truth
Nov 25
Letters to RLC: Buying Groceries with the Devil
Nov 24
Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 18
The Continual Performer
Nov 17
Letters to RLC: Silence Makes Me Throw Up 🤢
Nov 14
Matthew 4:12-14 (We Move Forward)
Nov 10
Archaeological Discovery: Turns Out God’s Word is True
Nov 10
Letters to RLC: A Bird In Poop
Nov 03
Letters to RLC: Lessons From the Nursery
Nov 01
Pharisees and Sadducees
Oct 31
Matthew 4:1-11 (I Am A Child of God)
Oct 31
Hope or Fear in Death
Oct 27
Christians and Halloween?
Oct 27
Letters to RLC: Eternal Perspective
Oct 27
Letters to RLC: Intro
Oct 24
Matthew 3 (The Celebration of Baptism) 💦🎉
Oct 22
Counting the Cost