King Jesus: The Gospel of Matthew

King Jesus: The Gospel of Matthew

This is the very beginning of a dream. I have had a dream for a long time of creating an online commentary for whomever might find it useful. Therefore, this is the beginning of something that I hope someone will find useful. This page will change a lot as I am sure my entire website will change over time... as I have time. Thank you for your patience.

People / Places / Etc

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John the Baptist - Orphan turned prophet. Spoken of outside the Bible. Jesus, Himself, called John one of the greatest men to ever live.

Angels- The phrase "angel" in Greek means messenger. "Angel" is more a job title in the spiritual world than the image we sometimes have due to modern culture. 

Pharisees and Sadducees- The villains of the Gospels. How bad were there? Why were they "bad?" You might be surprised.

The 12 Disciples

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