What is Salvation? 🛟
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What is Salvation? 🛟

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If you have been a Christian for a long, the idea of sharing your faith is not very difficult. It is simply sharing your story and no one knows your story like you.
The problem comes from sharing what salvation is from a theological perspective. You know what happened in your life but describing it can be difficult.

Salvation, simply put, is being rescued from your sin and reconciled to God.

An example:

Imagine you were invited by a friend to go out on the ocean in their boat. You are excited and accept. On the way out, they tell you to be sure to not jump off the boat. The water is beautiful but the current is dangerous. It's impossible to swim back to the shore once you are out there. You listen, but cannot resist. You dive off into the water. Your friend is right. You had no idea how bad the current would be. You are getting further and further away from the shore. Your friend dives in to save you. They swim up and ask, "Can I rescue you?" You gladly accept and they swim you back to the boat. You have been saved. That is what salvation is like.

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4 Spiritual laws

I am not sure who, but someone once summarized the Gospel into four spiritual laws.

1- God made everyone and loves us all. âĪ

God is real and He made us to be in a relationship with Him. We find peace and joy when we are in the right relationship with Him.

2- Sin separates us from a holy God. ☠

When mankind sinned, that sin separated us from God. That sin will keep us from God and will cause us to be separated from Him eternally because sin and God cannot coexist.

3- Jesus came on a rescue mission to save us from sin. 🛟

The penalty for sin is death. We cannot live a sinless life so God came and offered to pay the price for our sinfulness. He paid a price we could not pay to give us a gift we could not earn.

4- We can receive salvation by confessing our sins and need for Him and receiving His forgiveness. ðŸĪ—

Jesus offers to rescue us. We confess we need it, and embrace His forgiveness by repenting of our sins. We are raised to new life in Christ.

Back to our analogy. Jesus is the friend who invites us on the boat. Us jumping into the water is an example of disobeying God's righteous requirement. The result is our need for a Savior. Jesus jumps into the water and offers to rescue us. It gives us the dignity of making the choice. Then, He brings us back into safety and the right relationship with Him.

All we offer is our sinfulness. Jesus does the saving.

Salvation is a beautiful thing needed by all, available to all, and received by faith in Christ alone.

Are you ready?

Today is the day. If you are ready to allow Jesus to save you and if you are willing to commit your whole life to Him from this day forward, you can be "born again" (John 3) into the Kingdom of God.

The Bible says in Romans 10:9 that if we confess our sinfulness and declare Jesus as Lord of our lives we will experience His rescue (salvation.) Here is an example of what that prayer can look like:

"Heavenly Father. Thank you for loving me and sending your Son to die on the Cross to pay the price for my sins. Jesus, thank You for loving me that much. I confess I am a sinner and cannot save myself. I receive what You did on the Cross for my salvation. My old life is gone, I receive new life in You. Be my Lord. Be my Savior. Be my best friend. I will follow You all my days. In Jesus' Name, amen."

Welcome into the family of God! If you believe that to be true and give your alligence to Jesus, by faith you have been born again into the Kingdom of Heaven. Praise the Lord!

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