Dealing With Doubt: 4- Factual Doubt
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Dealing With Doubt: 4- Factual Doubt

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I saved the best for last.

This is the area of doubt I have struggled with the most. It wasn't due to a lack of evidence. It was due to a lack of asking hard questions. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by people who were very committed to their faith in Jesus. Because of this, I felt like it was wrong to ask hard questions. This left me with a lot of fear. I was so concerned I would one day discover there were no good answers to my questions.

Finally, I couldn't live a lie anymore. I had to search for the truth, no matter where it led me. Thankfully, there are actually great answers out there. Dr. Habermas helps us grapple with this area of doubt in the video below.

If this is an area of doubt you deal with I would highly recommend you find his YouTube channel. Also, be on the lookout for future blog posts where I will be sharing from my favorite apologist aka- defenders of the faith.

Here are a few of my favorite apologist if you are interested:

  • J. Warner Wallace
  • Frank Turek
  • Josh McDowell
  • Greg Kokul