What is the Number One Challenge for Apologetics?
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What is the Number One Challenge for Apologetics?

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Question: If apologetics is the "job" of every Christian, what is the number one challenge to doing apologetics in our lives?

Answer: The key to effective apologetics lies in our understanding of what we are defending- God's Word. This knowledge empowers us to engage in apologetics with confidence. However, another challenge that often hinders us is the fear of being misunderstood or rejected by society.

When I was a kid, we moved around a lot. It was part of the nature of my dad's job, and I don't regret it at all. From a young age, I learned so much about people and what it takes to "fit in." One of the things I learned about fitting in is not to stand out. If you want to become part of the crowd, you must slowly become part without raising eyebrows. On the first day of class, I usually found that I would be accepted more quickly if I kept a low profile and slowly became part of the group.

Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves in this predicament. We yearn for acceptance, so we choose to keep a low profile, avoid taking firm stances, and strive to avoid conflict. While it's understandable to not want to be overtly unkind, the nature of apologetics is inherently offensive to some. It asserts that God is right and we are wrong, a truth that can be hard to swallow. No one enjoys being told they are wrong.

Below, one of my favorite preachers, Voddie Baucham, talks about this reality. He says we struggle with apologetics because of the "11th commandment." He says it is, "Thou shalt be nice." While Voddie is not calling the church to be arrogant jerks, he is calling the church to find a way to be okay with standing out.

Our defense of the Gospel should stem from a genuine desire to assist others. It's not about proclaiming our superiority or correctness over others. It's about affirming that God is right and superior. This declaration is a testament to His worthiness in our worship, inspiring us to engage in apologetics with conviction and purpose.

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