What is Salvation? (Deep Dive)
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What is Salvation? (Deep Dive)

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Question: What is salvation?
Answer: Salvation, a topic of great depth and significance, is a journey that can take a lifetime to fully comprehend. It begins with the realization that we, as individuals, are in need of help, and that help comes in the form of deliverance from another. Once we wrap our minds around this, the transformative journey of salvation begins.

Below is a multi-part series on the doctrine of Soteriology (the doctrine of salvation). For those who are new to Christianity, the basic idea of salvation is that mankind is born into sin. Jesus came to save us from sin, and His substitutionary atonement on the Cross can wash away all our sins. That's only the beginning.

Below is a deeper dive into the topic. The more we dig, the more we find. The salvation God has given us is rich, deep, and wide.