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Archaeological Discovery: Turns Out God’s Word is True

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Some people do not need any proof to believe the Bible is true. They do not care about finding historical connections between the Bible's events and secular historical events. They simply believe because of the experiences they have had. I LOVE THOSE PEOPLE! My wife is one of them.

I, unfortunately, was born with a contrarian heart. It is difficult for me to take almost anything at face-value. In the back of my mind, I am always quietly whispering, "Prove it." It is what it is. I used to think this was a negative characteristic and I was ashamed to admit my natural skepticism. However, God has used it to drive me deeper into God’s Word, into history, into archaeology, into the original languages, and into philosophy. On the other side has come a firm faith that God’s Word is true and provable. At some point, God requires us to take a leap of faith. However, it is no longer a "leap" for me but more like a small "hop."

The field of archeology has recently been so exciting in what they are discovering that continues to back up the veracity of God’s Word. In the video below, there is another recent find that helps confirm the dates of when the Bible was written.

As Dr. Scott Stripling says, many see the Bible as guilty until proven innocent. No other document is treated with the same hostility as the Bible by modern science. It’s almost like there is a hidden agenda. (We’ll leave that there for now.) The great news is, the more they dig, the more they find. The Bible continues to be true…. Kind of like it was inspired by God or something. (Sarcasm heavily implied.)