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Enneagram: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? ⚠️

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I love personality tests.

I think they can be very helpful in understanding ourselves and others. They can also help find our blind spots and growth areas. I have been administering the DISC for years and find it very helpful in teaching leadership. So, when I first heard of the Enneagram, I saw a new opportunity to learn more about myself and others.

However, this one was different. I noticed people were obsessing over this more than the others. They were getting excited and also ending friendships because of people’s “number.” Now, this alone doesn't mean anything. People tend to do all sorts of silly things because... well... they are people. Ha. But, these different things caused me to dig in a little more than I normally would. The results were unexpected. I did not realize Richard Rhore was a main advocate. He is a Universalist. I also did not realize much of the origins came from a demonic practice called “automatic writing.”

There is a lot to unpack and the videos below do a much better job than I can here. So, watch and be prepared to make up your mind to this question: Is the Enneagram a wolf in sheep’s clothing? I say yes.