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LGBTQ+: The Bottom Line

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There is no way to cover this topic in one blog post or even a blog series. Therefore, I am not going to even try. I am going to state the simple, but not simplistic facts from my Christian, Bible-centered worldview with no malice attached. Then, we will work backwards over time to lay it out slowly.

My Stake in This

Worst opener but it is still true... Quite simply, I care because I have many, many close friends who struggle with some form of sexual brokenness. I consider anything outside of the sexual union of a man and woman within the context of marriage to be a form of sexual brokenness. My view on this does not in any way mean this is an easy topic to discuss. The more you get to know people who are part of this community, the more difficult it becomes. Honestly, some of the best people I know struggle with a sexual brokenness every single day.

The Problem we Face

The problem we face is that this issue is not just an issue. This issue has names and faces. It's close friends and some family. If it were a math problem that has a simple solution, we could end this debate now. When we talk about people and their experiences, nothing is ever nor should be ever simplistic. This is why we should always walk slowly and carefully through difficult topics like this.  

The Simple Hard Truth of God's Word

Bottom line: Even though there have been many who have tried to reinterpret the Bible or say we do not even know what it says, this is simply not true. We know what the Bible says and our documentation is reliable. (For more research on this, see the bottom of this article.) God's Word says it is sinful to engage in any type of sexual activity outside the heterosexual union of a biological male and female. The goal is to be holy in our sexuality. The pdf document below goes into this fully.

The Not-so-Simple Reality

The not-so-simple reality is we live in a culture that does not agree with the Christian worldview. It says "love is love" so how could loving someone be bad? There are many times when I would say loving someone is bad and/or unhealthy. The bottom line is Christian follow Christ. Jesus had the highest view of Scripture possible. He says in Matthew that Heaven and Earth will pass away before God's Word will pass away. Therefore, if we are going to follow Jesus, we must hold the highest standard for God's Word. God's Word is truth and teaches us righteousness and godliness. We must also apply grace, walk slowly with people, and offer kindness with compassion. Saying something is a sin does not say we hate the person committing that sin. They have been made in the image of God. They deserve full respect and dignity. It is because we see greatness in them that we dare to speak against the sexual brokenness trying to define them.

I endorse the Nashville Statement linked below.

Nashville Statement Concerning LGBT+

Further research of Biblical inerrancy...

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