Matthew 10:1-15a (The Prologue)
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Matthew 10:1-15a (The Prologue)

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Jesus called his twelve disciples together and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and illness. 2 Here are the names of the twelve apostles:
first, Simon (also called Peter),
then Andrew (Peter’s brother),
James (son of Zebedee),
John (James’s brother),
3 Philip,
Matthew (the tax collector),
James (son of Alphaeus),
4 Simon (the zealot),
Judas Iscariot (who later betrayed him).
5 Jesus sent out the twelve apostles...

This is the beginning of our next season through Matthew. This season, we will cover this big idea and build on it each week.

As we follow Jesus, He EMPOWERS us to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Overall Commentary: 🌎

Chapter 10 begins what scholars call the "Little Commission." Matthew 28 is known as the Great Commission. Jesus tells His disciples to go into the world and preach the Good News to everyone. This Great Commission will take the rest of their lives and expand till today. Where did they first experience this? How does Jesus know they are ready for such a task? It is because of what we will share over the following few chapters. Jesus didn't just tell them to head out and good luck. Jesus has been teaching and training them for this task. In the following few chapters, Jesus tells them how to do it, where to go, and what to expect along the way.
This is great for us because, while we cannot apply the specifics, such as not going to anyone other than the Jewish nation, we can use the principles for effectively reaching our world with the Gospel.

Here is the first lesson we can learn:

If you’re the type of person that has it ALL together, GOD CAN STILL USE YOU.

When you look at who Jesus called out of the group of disciples, you have many different personality types. The only thing you don't have are "elites." God often uses those thought least likely to succeed to do the greatest for His Kingdom.


Verse 1: Jesus calls people who are already in the crew.

  • Disciples-Apostles:- The word apostle means sent out one. Jesus pulled the apostles out of the group of disciples. Before Jesus sent them into the mission field, they served faithfully as one of the group. God often chooses those being faithful in the little things to do more.
  • Given power: The particular power Jesus gave them was the sign expected for the Messiah to be able to do. This makes sense because they would be going through the countryside saying they are speaking for the Messiah and declaring the Kingdom has come. Being able to do the miracles said to come from the Messiah will validate their claims. It is always important to remember why God uses us to perform miraculous things. It is always to point to the Good News.

Verse 2-5a: The Apostles

What can we learn from this passage?

Jesus has not left us alone and in the dark about how to do His will. He teaches us and trains us along the way. He also equips the called to do His will. The best news is if you were always voted most likely to succeed... God can still use you. It's just that He often uses those who don't have it all together, don't know what they are doing, and are just crazy enough to think He is able.

Questions/Journal Prompts for reflection:

  1. Have you wanted God to do more in your life?
  2. Which apostle do you identify with the most?
  3. How can you make a difference right now through God’s help?
  4. What next step do you need to take?

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