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Like a good detective, let's examine this book.

🔥 Overview

The book of Nehemiah can easily be seen as a sequel to the book of Ezra. While Ezra is focused on restoring the worship to the nation of Israel, Nehemiah is not a priest. He is a man from the royal courts of Persia. He understands the need for a nation to have a strong border and sovereign rule. His desire is to rebuild the walls of the city of Jerusalem in order to reestablish dignity to the nation. This is a powerful reminder that God uses us all to make a difference in our own ways.

🔍 Things to Notice

  • Rebuilding the Walls
  • We all need each other.
  • God doesn't just use those who are in vocation ministry. He has a plan for us all.
  • Don't get distracted by the naysayers of life.

🙏 Jesus in this Book

(Every book reveals the glory of God, displayed in Christ Jesus)

  • Jesus is the Builder of Our Salvation.

👀 Themes

  • Persistence.
  • Embrace your opportunities and limitations.
  • Resilience.

😀 Who?

Who wrote it? Likely Nehemiah.

Who is the original audience? The nation of Israel.

🪧 Where?

Where are we? The royal courts of Persia then in Israel.

⏳ When?

When was it written: 440-400 BC

🤔 What?

What is the big idea? Rebuilding the walls and restoring dignity to the nation of Israel.

🧐 Why?

Why is this book important?
From Chuck Swindoll, "Nehemiah was a layman, not a priest like Ezra nor a prophet like Malachi. He served the Persian king in a secular position before leading a group of Jews to Jerusalem in order to rebuild the city walls. “Nehemiah’s expertise in the king’s court equipped him adequately for the political and physical reconstruction necessary for the remnant to survive."1

Under Nehemiah’s leadership, the Jews withstood opposition and came together to accomplish their goal. Nehemiah led by example, giving up a respected position in a palace for hard labor in a politically insignificant district. He partnered with Ezra, who also appears in this book, to solidify the political and spiritual foundations of the people. Nehemiah’s humility before God (see his moving intercessory prayers in chapters 1 and 9) provided an example for the people. He did not claim glory for himself but always gave God the credit for his successes."

📝 How?

How can I apply it? The book of Nehemiah is a powerful reminder that God has a plan for us all. It doesn't matter what we do as an occupation or what our giftings are. God has a plan and uses the gifts, talents, and abilities He has given us as an advantage for His Kingdom. Embrace what and where God has you and use this season of life for God's glory.


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