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Real Life Counseling Center

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I heard someone once say that people admire you for your strengths but they connect with you in your weaknesses. I sure hope that is true.

I decided a long time ago I was done with trying to impress anybody. Rather, I want to share the good AND the bad so we can grow in God's goodness together.

Mental health has been an ongoing journey in my life. Developing emotional resilience, proper expectations, self-confidence, and mental discipline is a daily goal so I can be healthy from the inside out. All of that comes through knowing God and knowing who He says we are.

Last Sunday we unveiled the a new ministry initiative from our church to partner with our city called the Real Life Counseling Center. It is the beginning of a ministry we pray lasts a long time. We believe that counseling is a good thing. Counseling from a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview... even better.

If you will forgive my rambling, here is a video telling more about this ministry. After the video, you can see some ways you can partner with us...

How can you partner with us?

1. Pray with us.

There are a lot of misunderstands about mental health and counseling. I hear people talk about how broken their lives are. They are literally falling apart. When I mention counseling, they say don't need it. Counseling is only for weak people. These are usually the same people who end up in counseling anyway after having a major health or relationship crisis. Pray that God will give us grace and tools to educate people on the gift of walking with each other in this way.

2. Perhaps you have a role to play.

Have you ever thought about becoming certified in Biblical counseling? Maybe you have the spiritual gift of mercy or helps or... well... who knows? Pray and see if God is speaking to you to take a next step in this area of ministry. Reach out to our church if you would like to know more about the next steps toward getting involved. Maybe you are not called to sit with others but would like to be a part of administration, advertising, etc. Let us know!

3. Spread the Word.

Do you know someone who needs this ministry? Tell them to contact us. We will begin seeing people soon. Check out our website for more details at www.experiencerlc.com/rlcc.

4. Giving

We are only able to move at the speed of your generosity. These are tough financial times for many and we understand. Therefore, we are determined not to do more than we can afford to do. As we have the capacity, we do more. Pray and ask God if He would have you to partner with us above your tithe to get this ministry off the ground. If you are part of another church, be sure to send your tithe to your local church. This is a missions giving opportunity. If you would like to partner with us financially, click here.

For those local to RLC, we have a special giving opportunity coming up called MATCH TO IMPACT on August 21st and 28th. There is a Non-Profit company willing to make dollar-for-dollar with anything we raise to get this ministry off the ground. We're excited.

This is going to be awesome!

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