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The Key to Knowing God is Saturation

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I have learned something that I still don't like. To truly know anything, you cannot just watch "read the footnotes." To truly know someone, you cannot just send them random text messages. To know something you must immerse yourself in it. To know someone you must spend consistent time with them.

God is the same way. Dr. Michael Heiser is a academic hero of mine because of his willingness to not only bring deep truths of the Bible to to surface, but because he is willing to allow people no easy answers. He wants us to struggle with the text of Scripture and really undersatnd what we read.

In the interview below, Dr. Heiser speaks on various topics. My favorite is in the middle when he says there are no quick fixes to knowing God. It is consistent saturation in God's Word where you slowly begin to draw out more of God's goodness, His character, and His will for us all.