What is the Trinity? (Deep Dive)
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What is the Trinity? (Deep Dive)

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Question: Christians believe God is One but Three? How does that work?

Answer: Christians are often criticized by non-Christians (mainly Muslims) for believing in the Trinity. We do not believe in three gods but in one God that eternally exists as three persons. God is One in Essence, Three in Person.

The Doctrine of the Trinity is not an easy topic to grapple with. Often, people just avoid it altogether. This is understandable but not wise in our current world. More and more Christians are challenged to know what they believe and why. We don't have to be a scholar on all things, but we do need a working understanding of the essential doctrines of faith. Below is a deep dive into the topic of the Trinity.

The more we dig, the more we find. The more we find, the more confident we become in Christianity.