What SoundTrack 🎶 Are You Listening 🎧 To?
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What SoundTrack 🎶 Are You Listening 🎧 To?

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“Now bring me someone who can play the harp.” While the harp was being played, the power of the Lord came upon Elisha,”
‭‭2 Kings‬ ‭3:15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Have you ever thought about all the thoughts speeding through your head? Where do they come from? Why are they there? Where are they taking you? Many psychologists say our internal monologue is actually quite discouraging. We tend to assume the worst, think about what's going wrong, and generally do not like ourselves. There are some out there who actually love themselves too much but they are probably not reading this. They are too busy gazing into a mirror.

The Bible says in Ephesians 6:17 we are are to take up the "helmet of salvation." When I first started studying this passage, I thought it simply meant everyone should get saved and think about the Gospel. However, after studying it more closely, I realize Paul is writing to the church. These are people who already know Jesus and are following Him. Paul is not telling saved people to get more saved. He is encouraging us to see salvation as a cotinual process toward freedom in our lives. This means salvation is not only a one time experience. It is a constant source of joy and a long walk toward freedom. It is powerful. It is also useful. Knowing Jesus protects our minds when we focus on knowing who Jesus is what He can do.

Here is the rub: How? How do we change the soundtrack in our head? There are important issues that need our attention.  

It is actually quite simple but not at all simplistic. We change what we dwell on and how we see our issues. This doesn't mean we deny reality. We cannot simply wish a problem away. However, we CAN reframe its ability to control us. We engage with our issues after we remember how big God is. We see our problems through the lens of God's greatness and His ability to empower us to do all we need to do.

This is a long, hard journey. If we have been allowing our thoughts to run our emotions for a long time, this does not change in a moment. However, it is possible. It begins with thinking about what we think about and making small decisions to change the narrative.

Here's ONE NEXT STEP to try...


Why? It reminds you first thing who is truly in charge, what He can do, and the hope we have is not in the new headlines but in Jesus.

Try it for 30 days. I am currently on day 7 and it really helps. Before checking social media, reading the news, listening to your favorite podcast, etc... Check in with God's goodness.

Do you already have certain songs you listen to that immediately get you into God's presence? Comment below and let us all know. We can add them to our morning playlists.

Here is your song for tomorrow morning.