Why Not Just "Google it?"
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Why Not Just "Google it?"

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Hello friends. Happy Friday.

Someone recently asked why they should read their Bible daily and memorize Scripture. The reasoning was, "I can just google it." It's a relevant question. Here are three quick reasons why this may work for unclogging your toilet but not unclogging a troubled heart.

1- The Lord wants you to know Him.

Why doesn't God download all we need to know into our brains at the moment of salvation? Because He is interested in relationships. The reason we read our Bible is not for knowledge acquisition. We read our Bible to have fellowship with Him and know our King.

2- There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is knowing that 2+2=4. Understanding is knowing how to apply this to money. Wisdom knows how to use knowledge and understanding to create a budget and manage your life. We read the Bible to learn the principles and then see how they are applied. Just knowing the facts upon command does not automatically create wisdom.

3- The spiritual battles you face happen at the speed of thought.

When you are sitting somewhere with your phone out, you can google anything you like. This is not always the case. Many times, spiritual battles will happen in the heat of the moment. At these times, you cannot stop and look up a promise from God's Word. You need God's Word in your heart so that when the battle gets close, you are ready to stand in the authority God has already given you.

So we read to experience God, learn from Him, and prepare ourselves for the future.
The more we dig, the more we find.

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🎧 The Bible Breakdown Podcast>>>

The more we dig, the more we find. To get acquainted with the Book of Numbers read a quick Introduction to The Book of Numbers.

My favorite episode this week: Numbers 15. The nation of Israel had a hard road ahead, but God promised to bring them victory. Their response was to doubt God and refuse to move forward. The result was judgment. However, even in the face of this, God was still working and was providing a way back... love the hope of God! It never quits. Listen to it here.


To all my RLC family...

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2023, Let's grow DEEP and let God determine how HIGH!

💊 From My Blog This Week>>>

Spiritual Gifts in the Local Church. God is doing great things in our church. When we decide to "do life" together, a natural byproduct is that God will help us minister to one another and walk toward freedom. This means He will use the gifts of the Spirit to help us edify and encourage one another. Here's the problem, most people have heard about the gifts and are not interested OR have an unhealthy obsession.  Let's talk about it.

Winning the War on Worry. This Sunday, we will dive into the next part of our "King Jesus" text. Be sure to watch this past Sunday by Brandon Gilliam so you will be ready to go. Watch here.

ðŸĪĢ Funny- Hillbilly Banjo Player in Talent Show. There are no words. You're welcome. Link.

🧔 Men Only- She Will Follow If You Lead. Great video about what welcome genuinely wants and how God designs men to lead in their homes. What does this mean, and how do we honor our family by leading the way with a servant's heart Link.

ðŸ˜Ū Most Interesting- 100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof And A Swimming Pool. There are no words. Just awesome. Link.

🕚Culture- Why the Generations Hate Each Other. This question has been on my mind a lot lately. It is nothing new for a younger generation to feel that the older generation doesn't understand and for an older generation to try to impose its ideas on the younger. However, something feels different about our current culture. The older generation has given up on teaching helpful principles, and the younger generation doesn't want to learn. They think they already know it all. Why doesn't it seem to be this way? Link.

📖 Apologetics- Thinking Soundly In Today's Age. Dr. William Lane Craig is interviewed on what it means to have a proper Biblical worldview and process our current world through that lens. This is an excellent video about thinking with our eyes open. It is highly recommended. Link.

🧠 Powerful Sermon- Don't Forget the Significance of Salvation. by H.B. Charles, Jr. Link.

🎧 Song of the Week- I Thank God. Such a great song to celebrate what God is doing in your life. I love listening to this on the way to church.

📚Book of the Week- Why No One Wants to Talk About Porn. This is a great book about a topic we all know but no one wants to discuss. Is there more to the story? Don't give up! Porn doesn't have to control your life. It's time to understand why you are bound. Link.

✍ïļ Quote of the Week

In the essentials, we have unity. In the non-essentials, we have liberty. In all things, we have charity." Augustine

ðŸĪŠ Dad Joke of the week

I wanted to eat a watch for lunch, but it was too time-consuming.

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