Andrew Tate 👎 is a dumpster fire 🚒, but...
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Andrew Tate 👎 is a dumpster fire 🚒, but...

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Let's get this out of the way, I'm not a fan of Andrew Tate. I also don't think much of what he claims is "real life." Most of his over-the-top ridiculousness is a show. However, it doesn't really matter because too many young men think it is accurate. If you have watched a long-form interview, he doesn't appear to be quite as toxic as he wants you to believe. I still think the world would be better if he retired from public life. There are some rays of sunshine in his dumpster fire. Let's talk about it.

1- There is a hunger for real manhood.

I hate that young men are following him. I love that young men are seeking out more information about what it means to be a man.

2- Young people are flocking to see something real.

This is great news. There is hunger.

3- It's time for real men to rise up.

We have a small window to catch this generation before they may a bunch of the same mistakes we did.