3 3️⃣ Aspects of Manhood We Need
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3 3️⃣ Aspects of Manhood We Need

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It's time to talk to men. We need to speak to three different aspects of manhood:


We need men to sharpen one another. Iron sharpens iron. You cannot sharpen iron with wood, clay, or anything else. This is what has been happening for too long. I have watched women try to prepare their young men for the real world. They have done they best they can and many have done a great job. However, you can only sharpen iron properly with another piece of iron.


Many men have no idea what it is like to be a godly leader of their home. Movies portray the dad as an idiot who only make a mess of things. This is not ALL a godly man is. We are strong. We are leaders. We are powerful. We set the example. We are positionally placed to lead our families by serving the most.


The chief responsibility is for every husband to call out all gifts and potential of his wife. He is to love his wife and Christ loved the church. Love your wife like that and she will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

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