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RMM- The Secret Weapon 🤫

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Welcome to week six of "Real Man Monday." Last week, we discussed talking to our general every day. This week, we are going even deeper into the soul of a man of God.


Weeds grow quickly, but oak trees take years. If you want a quick fix to becoming a man of God, these videos are not for you. However, if you realize that becoming a man of God takes a lifetime, let's get started together.


To slowly grow into a man of God, one week at a time. Each week, we will look at a different aspect of being a man of God.

Let's Review

What is a man? Chuck Norris. What is a man of God? God's Word says in Micah 6:8,

"Mankind, he has told each of you what is good and what the Lord requires of you: to act justly, to love faithfulness, and to walk humbly with your God."

‭‭‬According to God, a man of God acts justly, loves faithfulness, and walks humbly with God.

  • Acts Justly- A protector of what is right and good. A defender.
  • Loves Faithfulness- Someone who is consistent. Dependable. Someone you can count on.
  • Walk Humbly Before the Lord- Someone who follows the Lord in submits to His leadership.

Today's topic: The Secret Weapon of Thankfulness

The people who are most blessed are those who have the most. They are the ones who see everything they have as a blessing.

Thankfulness is a superpower. It doesn’t take a lot of courage to complain or to find something wrong in the world. It takes a special kind of strength to find areas to be thankful for.

If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, the water bill is also higher. The most blessed people have found ways to be content with consistent faithfulness in their lives.

This week's challenge: Be thankful for 3 things every day.

Thankfulness doesn’t come easy to most of us, so this week will be extremely helpful. Don’t do this alone. Make a commitment to another brother. Hold each other accountable. For 7 straight days, send them three things you are thankful for and require them to do the same. Watch what it does for your general outlook on life. It’s a miracle and a secret weapon to fight anger and depression. Make it a game with your brother and see who can make it all seven days.  

Here's how to play the "game" of thankfulness:

First Thankful- Something general.

This one is a good warm-up. You are can be thankful for anything you like. These are the general areas you should already be thankful for every day.

Examples: The Earth, the sky, your family, your wife, your kids, etc.

Second Thankful- Something recent.

This one requires you to think about the past 24 hours with your focus on the good things. This can be really helpful if it feels like you are going from one storm to another.

Examples: Meeting a deadline, not being late for something, having a good time at LifeGroup, etc.

Third Thankful- Something New.

This one is where the “magic” starts to happen. The first couple of days are easy. By the time you get to day 4 or 5, you have to start thinking. This is where your whole life opens, and you begin to see reasons to be thankful everywhere. You begin to see people, situations, setbacks, and confrontations for their possible blessings.

Everything, when seen through the lens of thankfulness, has value and can be a blessing.

Don't give up, men.
You're probably doing better than you realize.
We need you.
Your family needs you.
Your church needs you.
Your community needs you.