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Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope you have a great time of thankfulness today. I pray for you to have many  great memories shared and food eaten... and even more leftovers to be eaten later... and later... and so on.

In some cases, some of you may be traveling and seeing family you don't often interact with. If this happens, you might find yourself searching for something to talk about.

If so, here are a few Thanksgiving "facts" to share over  Thanksgiving dinner.

(I am placing the word 'facts' in quotations because some of these are impossible to verify. Just fun to think about and debate. Enoy.)

Facts to share over Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. The “first Thanksgiving” was in 1621. The whole “Mayflower pilgrim” thing.
  2. Thanksgiving became a National holiday in 1870.
     * Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday on October 3, 1863. Sarah Josepha Hale, the woman who wrote “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” convinced Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday after writing letters for 17 years.
  3. Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November. (Not  sure on this one.)
  4. Approximately 292.2 million Americans celebrate Thanksgiving every year.
  5. 46 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving.
  6. Six states raise most of the country’s turkeys.
  7. 80 million pounds of cranberries are consumed.
  8. 50 million pumpkin pies are eaten.
  9. Thanksgiving dinner costs an average of $64.
  10. An average of 4,500 calories are consumed by each person.
  11. 25 million people view the annual New York Thanksgiving Day parade.
  12. In 1989, the White House “turkey pardon” became official. It was first president to do this is debated by many historians say it was Abraham Lincoln. According to legend, he named the first spared Turkey Jack.
  13. Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be a Turkey. He said it was a much more respectable bird.
  14. Historians have no record of a turkey being eaten on the first Thanksgiving. Likely, the menu called for venison.
  15. Snoopy has made the most appearances in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  16. “Jingle Bells” was originally a Thanksgiving Day song.
  17. The majority of Americans secretly dislike classic Thanksgiving dishes but will eat them anyway.
  18. Many people report to enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers more than the meal itself.
  19. TV Dinners are a Thanksgiving-Leftover invention.
  20. More than 54 million Americans are expected to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday this year. That’s up 4.8% from last year.

Which one of these "facts" do you think is most definitely false?
Which one surprised you the most?
Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving fact?
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Happy Thanksgiving!

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