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The Continual Performer

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“Performance is when we try to make an impression rather than just be who we are. In the process, we lose ourselves.” -Dallas Willard

I am sure this has never been you, but I have sometimes struggled with being myself. I have often worked hard to be the best example of someone I admire. I would act the way I think they would, answer questions the way I think they would, and generally act as though I am playing them in a broadway production. It was never because I wanted to fool anyone. I thought the people around me deserved someone better than me. I had too many flaws. They needed a great leader, a great friend, and a great pastor. So, I would find someone that fits that role and try to act like them.
The problem was, it was a performance. I'm not those things yet. I'm a work-in-progress. Can you relate? Have you ever tried to "fake it till you make it?" It can be so stressful. The unfortunate truth is most people know who you really are. You end up only fooling yourself.

After years of messing up, I slowly started to realize people don't need us impersonating someone else. They need us to be the best Christ-follower we can be at this point in our development.
This doesn't give us an excuse not to grow. It encourages us to invite people into our journey so we can grow together.

Who do you sometimes pretend to be? A perfect spouse. A perfect parent. A perfect friend. Once again, we should always be growing and developing. The goal is to be who we in the process. Don't try to be better or worse than you are. Be where you are, while hoping to continue to grow.

So, if you are like me and sometimes struggle with being a visible work-in-progress, the below video might help. This video says it much better than I can. I hope it speaks to you the way it did to me.