Jesus Balances Truth and Love (John 4)
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Jesus Balances Truth and Love (John 4)

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Hello friends. Happy Friday. It's been another amazing week reading God's Word together. Thank you for taking the journey. We've moved past 1,200 downloads, and it's all because you are helping us spread the news. It's such a blessing to think of a group of people gathering around the idea of reading God's Word together. Praise the Lord.

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My favorite episode this week: John 4.

Jesus Balances Truth and Love

This chapter was a blessing because it is a fantastic example of how to engage with people all around us. Jesus was equally full of love but similarly honest about this lady's state. She was in a mess, and she knew it. It would have been disrespectful for Jesus to ignore why she was coming to get water at noon. This was when most people were trying to escape the day's heat. This lady is coming out in public because she doesn't want to be seen by others. Jesus respects her enough not to ignore the "Elephant in the Room" and points toward the hope she doesn't even realize is standing before her.
This reminds me of a conversation I overheard recently. Someone shared their hope in Jesus, and the other person said, "Why do you care? Why don't you just leave me alone?" The other person responded, "I tell you because I love you. I have experienced life and want you to experience life too." If we will share our new favorite coffee shop, how much more should we share the hope we have found in Jesus? In this chapter, Jesus shows us how. Listen to it here.

The more we dig, the more we find. To get acquainted with the Book of John, read a quick Introduction to The Book of John.

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3 Hill Theology. On the 15th and 30th of the month, we have a "catch-up" designed into our reading plan. This has been done for multiple reasons. I am excited about the idea of working on our relationship with God's Word and learning how to apply His Word to our lives. In this month's "BB Extra," we discuss categorizing all the different ideas we are passionate about. It's okay to have many things you like to discuss, but not everything can carry the same weight in your life. Let's talk about it.

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🎧 Song of the Week- Give Me Jesus (UpperRoom). Let's keep it ðŸ’Ŋ. There is a moment in this video where a little girl starts dancing. That's not my jam, but everything else is awesome.

📚Book of the Week- The Motive.

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Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving you happier. -Mother Teresa

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Chuck Norris uses pepper spray to season his steak.

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