Celebrate WITH the Lord (Deuteronomy 16)
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Celebrate WITH the Lord (Deuteronomy 16)

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Hello friends. Happy Friday. It's been another amazing week reading God's Word together. Thank you for taking the journey. We've moved past 2,000+ downloads, and it's all because you are helping us spread the news. Thank you for spreading the Word!!!

🎧 My Favorite Bible Breakdown Episode>>>

My favorite episode this week: Deuteronomy 16.

Celebrate WITH the Lord.

I loved this chapter because we may forget that God is not in a business relationship with us if we are not careful. He is not interested in being separated from us and only being active in our lives when there is a mess to clean up. God wants daily communion with us. This chapter outlines how the nation was to come to God’s Tabernacle often to bring gifts and celebrate with God. I love this mental image and think we should act this way whenever we attend church. We are going to the house of God to spend time with Him.

Let's read together. >>> Listen to it here.

The more we dig, the more we find.
To get acquainted with the "Second Law," read a quick Introduction to The Book of Deuteronomy.

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💪 This Week From My Blog>>>

🐍 Storytime: Are there snakes at RLC? My long history with the topic of snakes takes another turn. For the first year of our church, we met in a movie theater, and people would ask me if we handled snakes. I could not figure out why… until one day. You’ll have to hear the story for yourself.

🏈 Personal Growth. Tom Brady is the most successful quarterback in football history. This video says Tom Brady was very interested in winning. However, his goal was not primarily to win. His primary goal was to get better. He knew the results would take care of themselves if he got better.

😈 Escaping the occult. This video was jarring. The lady went through so much and found Christ. She also goes hard against the Enneagram toward the end. I know this is an “untouchable topic” for many Christians today. I have made it as plain as I can about my concerns. Listen to a lady who has been on the “other side” talk about it.

🧔Men Only. Purposefully Becoming a Violent Man. Favorite part- Learn violence so you don’t feel intimidated by threats. You can become a protector of the vulnerable. Violence plus character = safety.

🕺Men Only. Jocko’s 5-Year Plan. He says we shouldn’t make a too strict plan because plans rarely work out exactly what you want. Instead, head in a particular direction and keep yourself open to opportunities. Also, detach often and ensure you are not sliding into something you don’t want to stay with.

📖 Theology. What were the sacrifices really about? Dr. Michael Heiser, a beloved mentor of mine, has recently entered eternity. In this video, he explains what the Old Testament sacrifices were really all about.

🧠 Mental Health. How to Stop Overthinking Decisions. I seldom meet anyone who gets this one right all the time. Decisions can be difficult because they are rarely binary. One decision usually affects or creates 10 other situations. I really enjoyed this video and how we can stop overthinking our decisions. Favorite part- There are no “perfect decisions.”

🎧 Song of the Week. Closer (MavCity, feat. Brandon Lake) Such an awesome song to remember the closeness of the Lord. Since Genesis 3, God's goal has been to be close to His creation again.

📚Book of the Week. So Good They Can't Ignore You. Someone once asked the famous comedian Steve Martin how to get famous when so many people do the same things. Steve Martin said, "Be so good they can't ignore you." In his book, Cal Newport deeply dives into this idea and how most of us are trying to share ourselves with the world incorrectly. The goal is to be consistent and good at what you do. This comes from a long time hammering away at the same craft. This book is worth reading more than once.

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If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

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I'm so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed!

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