S.O.A.P Bible Study
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S.O.A.P Bible Study

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What if I could almost guarantee you could hear God speak to you every day? What if I also said God could give you wisdom before you encountered a need for it? What if I went even further and said God could give you wisdom for others around you?

All of this is possible by daily encountering God's Word. The biggest challenge is not knowing how to approach God's Word with your spiritual eyes open and ready to hear His direction.

This is where SOAP Bible study comes in. It is a simple way to read through God's Word with your spiritual eyes open.

Watch the video below for further information but here is the extremely general breakdown.

Preparation 💪

  • Begin with deciding what to read. Read the Bible with RLC at www.experiencerlc.com/the-bible/
  • Pick a paper Bible. (There's nothing wrong with digital, but it's easy to get distracted.)
  • Grab a paper journal. (Same reason as above)
  • Pray and ask the Lord to speak to you today.

Now, let's begin.

S- Scripture ✍

As you read that day's Bible passage, read slowly and thoughtfully. When a verse or phrase stands out, write it down.

O- Observation 🤔

Take a minute a write down what you "observed." What stood out to you about that passage? What questions did it raise? Take a minute and look up some answers. This is your journal so it doesn't matter what you write. What did you discover about the meaning of the text? We are not looking to find a new interpretation, but uncover what is already there.

A- Application 💪

Based on the verse and what stood out to you, what action step can you apply that day. This is important because the Bible is extremely practical. We need to apply its truth to our lives so we can walk in daily freedom.

P- Prayer 🙏

This is where you write out your prayer to God and ask Him to help you apply what you have read.

Not sure if this will work for you... I get it. Try it for 30 days. Pick a time, a place, and a plan. See what happens.