2 Peter
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2 Peter

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Like a good detective, let's examine this book.

🔥 Overview

Imagine you are standing in the sunlight on a beautiful day. Off in the distance, you can see a storm cloud coming. It looks bad but it's still quite a distance off. That would be a picture of Peter's first letter to the church in Rome. This letter is just as the storm has begun. They are no longer waiting for the rain. It has arrived.

Peter writes this follow-up letter soon after the first. The persecution has ramped up and Peter is working to encourage the believers to stand strong and fight for their faith.

🔍 Things to Notice

  • The first letter was written in beautiful, flourishing Greek. This is likely because Silvanus, the one who wrote it down for Peter, was a great scribe. This letter is not as "high." It looks like like the hurried hand of a fisherman turned preacher.

🙏 Jesus in this Book

(Every book reveals the glory of God, revealed in Christ Jesus)

  • The Chief Shepherd

👀 Themes

  • Spiritual maturity
  • Watch out for false teachers
  • Give the right response to challenges
  • Christ's second coming

😀 Who?

Who wrote it: The Apostle Peter
Martyred: Peter was a leader in the early church. When Rome burned in 64 AD, the Christians were incorrectly blamed. As a leader, Peter was targeted and killed. Legend says before being crucified he requested to be placed upside down. He requested this because he said he was not worthy to be killed in the same manner as his Lord. They obliged.

Who is the original audience: The church in Rome

🪧 Where?

Where are we: In Rome. Though not directly stated in the New Testament, it has long been thought that Peter spent his final years strengthening the church in Rome.

⏳ When?

When was it written: Likey 64 AD

🤔 What?

What is the big idea: The persecution has arrived. Much of it has not only come from without but also from within. Because of this, Peter is encouraging the church to study God's Word and grow into spiritual maturity. They should always be ready to give a defense for what they believe.

🧐 Why?

Why is this book important: This letter is important because there will always be a pull toward spiritual apathy and false teachers leading others astray. The defense toward both is spiritual maturity. We must know what we believe and why so we can live free and encourage others.

📝 How?

How can I apply it?: Peter challenges us all to know what we believe so we can guard our hearts and defend our faith. They say that in the counterfeit money department of the FBI, they do not primarily train people by showing them fake money. They train them through constant exposure to the real thing. Then, when they see something fake, it is easily recognizable. Are you studying God's Word so you can spot a fake a mile away? What next steps do you need to take to slowly and methodically incorporate God's Word into your daily life?

From Insight for Living (Isn't it Awesome!)

Quick Thoughts on Each Chapter

Chapter 1
This letter was written soon after 1 Peter. Tensions have increased and Christians are experiencing serious persecution. God inspires Peter to encourage us to reach higher, dig deeper, and remember that we live for an eternal hope. God is good despite our circumstances.

Chapter 2
God’s Word warns about false teachers. There is a difference between a good person who teaches falsely and a false teacher. One out of ignorance and one on purpose. It can be difficult to know the difference. Therefore, do not get frustrated when false teachers seemingly prosper. Trust God to know their heart and do your best to know God’s Word so you can know the truth for yourself.

Chapter 3
V8- God stands outside of time and space. He lives in the constant “eternal now.” Therefore, His timing is often not ours.


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