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Letters to RLC: Lessons From the Nursery

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I'll never forget a story my wife, Autumn, once told me. It happened when our girls were little, probably both under the age of two. The church we attended had a policy that if you had kids that age, you had to sign up and take your turn serving in the nursery. Most young parents had no problem with this policy and would sign up quickly. However, most of these same parents had discovered the loophole. When it was their turn to serve, they would call and say they couldn't make it. This way, they could get all the rewards but not share in the load. Autumn had the misfortune of being in charge of the scheduling and usually had to cover things when people would be out. One Sunday, a couple conveniently needed to be out of town. Autumn was scrambling to find help because she desperately wanted to attend service. As a middle-aged lady walked by, Autumn thought this lady would be glad to help. After all, this lady's kids had once been young. Surely she would understand the predicament. With great confidence, Autumn asked this lady for help and was met with equal confidence. Absolutely not!

Autumn didn't know what to think about this. Why wouldn't this lady help? While she was still reeling, the lady offered a reason and some advice. I have never forgotten what the lady said. "Autumn, I understand the situation and I'm sorry. It's tough. There's no way around it. I have been there, but in a different season now. I can't help you, but I will give you some hope. That season doesn't last forever."

So, let's keep it real. It would have been much more helpful if the lady would have helped that day rather than given some wise counsel. But, with time, that lady's words have proven true. Seasons seem to last forever at the moment, but they don't. At our current stage of life, my girls are teenagers. I cannot remember the last time we had to figure out childcare for them. They now serve in the nursery and take care of other people's kids.

That season felt as though it would last forever. Now it seems like it went by so quickly. This helps me remember that the season I am currently in won't last forever either. I look back on those days and most have only good memories. I wonder what memories will come from this season?

How about you? Do you feel like you are in a long, dark season? Do you feel like it will never end? The good news is that it will end. The even better news is you will probably remember more of the good times than the bad. The only thing to remember right now is to not give up. Better days are coming.

Maybe one day soon someone will be in the season you are currently in and ask for your help. You may or may not decide to help them, but you will be able to say, "Hang on and don't give up. I made it. You can too."

PS- If you see a young mother begging for help… for the love… either avoid her or help her.