Letters to RLC: 🎄Lights Down the Road
Photo by Juliana Malta / Unsplash
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Letters to RLC: 🎄Lights Down the Road

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You should have seen the smile on this guy's face. He was so excited as he told me about this amazing Christmas light spectacle. He said the home was owned by an electrical engineer he knew who loved Christmas. He spent weeks placing lights, ornaments, and holiday figures all over his yard. Then, he connects the lights to his computer and sets them to blink and flash to a musical soundtrack. THEN, he found an FM radio broadcaster and broadcast the music to 89.9 FM. The result was an amazing show that you could enjoy from your car... for free.

This sounded fascinating. As he continued to explain, I started to realize this house was close to my neighborhood. Then... wait a minute... that IS IN my neighborhood. I pass this house every single day.

This guy looked at me as though he was almost offended. "You pass this house every day and you haven't noticed all the lights?!" All I could say is, "I've been in a hurry."

The lesson I learned this week is there is beauty and wonder all around us, but it doesn't matter if we are too busy to stop and notice. This holiday season, there are a thousand and one reasons to be in a hurry. We only get to enjoy the holidays for a short amount of time. Don't be like me and drive right by something awesome. Be sure to slow down long enough to enjoy the season.