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Our Church is currently working through the Book of Matthew. We're calling this series: "King Jesus." Join our journey here... 👑 King Jesus

Old Testament

Genesis- The Beginning of it all

Exodus- The journey toward freedom begins

Leviticus- Holiness. Salvation is free. Freedom is a journey

More of the Old Testament coming soon.

New Testament

Matthew- The Gospel of the True Messiah-King

Mark - The Gospel of the Servant King

Luke- The Gospel of the Savior for Lost People Everywhere

John- The Gospel of the Divine Logos. Creator of it All

Acts- The birth of the church

Romans- The Gospel presented from creation to new creation

1 Corinthians- The Gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant to every dimension of church life

2 Corinthians- Embrace and follow the way of Jesus that transforms lives

Galatians- Freedom from sin. Freedom to live free

Ephesians- The Church of Jesus Christ

Philippians- The Joy-filled life

Colossians- The Supremacy of Christ

1 Thessalonians- Our concern for the truth

2 Thessalonians- Living in hope

1 Timothy- Instructions to a Young Pastor

2 Timothy- A Charge for Faithful Ministry

Titus- A manual for Conduct

Philemon- Forgiveness

Hebrews- The Superiority of Christ

James- Genuine Faith

1 Peter- Responding to Suffering- Stay Faithful

2 Peter- Warning Against False Teaching

1 John- Fellowship with God

2 John- Loving Others Within Boundaries

3 John- Christian Hospitality

Jude- Contending for the Faith

Revelation- The Unveiling of the Glory of Jesus Christ

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