Bible Study

Our Church is currently working through the Book of Matthew. We're calling this series: "King Jesus." Join our journey here... 👑 King Jesus
The Bible Breakdown
Welcome to “The Bible Breakdown,” where we break down God’s Word so we can know God better. I’m your host, Brandon Cannon, and I’m here to guide you through the pages of the Bible, one day at a time.Each day, we’ll read through a section of the Bi…

Old Testament

Genesis- The Beginning of it all.

Exodus- The journey toward freedom begins.

Leviticus- Holiness. Salvation is free. Freedom is a journey.

Numbers- Learning to Trust God.

Deuteronomy- The Second Law. Choose life.

Joshua- Holy Conquest.

Judges- The "Real Housewives" of the OT.

Ruth- A Lifetime of Faithfulness.

1 Samuel- God's Providence Despite Our Silliness.

2 Samuel- God Qualifies the Called.

1 Kings- God Tells the Whole Story.

More of the Old Testament is coming soon.

New Testament

Matthew- The Gospel of the True Messiah-King.

Mark - The Gospel of the Servant King.

Luke- The Gospel of the Savior for Lost People Everywhere.

John- The Gospel of the Divine Logos. Creator of it All.

Acts- The birth of the church.

Romans- The Gospel presented from creation to new creation.

1 Corinthians- The Gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant to every dimension of church life.

2 Corinthians- Embrace and follow the way of Jesus that transforms lives.

Galatians- Freedom from sin. Freedom to live free.

Ephesians- The Church of Jesus Christ.

Philippians- The Joy-filled life.

Colossians- The Supremacy of Christ.

1 Thessalonians- Our concern for the truth.

2 Thessalonians- Living in hope.

1 Timothy- Instructions to a Young Pastor.

2 Timothy- A Charge for Faithful Ministry.

Titus- A Manual for Conduct.

Philemon- Forgiveness.

Hebrews- The Superiority of Christ.

James- Genuine Faith.

1 Peter- Responding to Suffering- Stay Faithful.

2 Peter- Warning Against False Teaching.

1 John- Fellowship with God.

2 John- Loving Others Within Boundaries.

3 John- Christian Hospitality.

Jude- Contending for the Faith.

Revelation- The Unveiling of the Glory of Jesus Christ.